The House of Diplomatic and Nobility INC. is an international foundation

The basis for life is a good school education. This is a long-term way out of social needs. Children and adolescents from a poor social environment have a hard time. Especially in third countries, where social origin determines whether a good school education can take place, it is the case in which children and adolescents from poor backgrounds can not or only rarely provide a school or vocational education. And that’s how the vicious cycle begins, because of this many children and adolescents have taken this vital basis of life to their background and their social status due to the parental income situation. Together with local church organizations, we have set ourselves the task of counteracting this development, and thus of this vicious cycle, and especially to these children and adolescents, as far as we can and where we can To give a perspective for the future to fulfill our social obligations through action.

Nobles oblige This is our commitment foreseeing us to act and live in this sense. This is and has been our social obligation to society, but above all our commitment to these needy people.

We support charitable projects, such as schools, social housing, medical care, and healthcare. We are the first source of contact for the ones in need.

Costs and subsidization of medical care for the needy such as operations, necessary vaccinations, and operations

- costs for school education/studies

-  Costs and provision of materials and supplies

- Drink water treatment

- Creation and installation of public hospitals

- Construction of social housing or for low-income families with children

- Construction of kindergarten and schools for families with lower or no regulated income

- and much more.

We offer help in arranging the services listed below:


We have a large selection. You can choose from our offer here on request. Second citizenship may also be possible. 

We would be happy to advise you on this.

Diplomatic and consular representations

Offshore accounts

Anonymous private, corporate, or business accounts

Offshore companies

Anonymous offshore companies can be founded in many countries around the world or existing ones can be taken over.

Investments with up to 100% deposit protection

Interest rates between 6% and 21% p.a., terms from 24 to 132 months, also possible anonymously.

International financial and tax advice an consulting

International solutions for tax problems

Trust service for offshore companies

All our services are provided by our helpers, supporters, active members, and others. from finance, politics, education, and many other areas.


For time and organizational reasons, please contact us by email only. Please also note the section "Information for contacting" before contacting us.

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